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About Us
We wish to introduce ourselves as one of the Flyash Bricks and Cement Concrete Coverblocks (Flyash Based) Manufacturer in Coimbatore.
Hereby we submit a booklet in your hands in the Topic of " Save Our Nation ", which explains how flyash and flyash bricks save our nation ecologically.

What is Flyash bricks
Flyash is a fine glossy powder recovered from the gases of burning coal during the production of electricity. These micron sized earth elements consists primarily of silica, alumina, calcium and iron. When mixed with lime & water, flyash forms a cementitious compound. Because of this property, flyash is
ASR Flyash Advantage
Production of every 1 (one) billion of Flyash bricks saves (conserves) 3.5 million tons of top soil, a precious, immeasurable wealth, as the population increases drastically, the land area remains the same. Each Billion of Flyash bricks produced, stops emission of
3,50,000 tons of Carbon -di-Oxide ( Which
Green Building
Any Building that demands less energy, causes less damage to environment, can conserve water or was made using recycled or energy efficient material should be considered as a Green Building. Well designed green buildings will save money, increase comfort and create healthier environments
"Join the Revolution and Stop the Pollution"
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